ETF The Token

The Roadmap

*Roadmap items are subject to change **Pending a spot BTC ETF approval prior to 3/15/24, the Final Deadline phase will be initiated immediately

First Deadline: Blue Moon 9/01/23

  • $ETF the token stealth launch
  • Automatic LP rewards to $ETF holders begin
  • Initial liquidity lock 6 months
  • Dapp to view and claim LP rewards
  • Blumewn cult formation

Second Deadline: The Regulator Strikes Back 10/15/23

  • Timeline announced
  • Binary prediction markets/betting vault smart contracts deployed
  • Docs released
  • Vault smart contracts go live
  • Bet $ETF dashboard goes live

Third Deadline: Rise of the Fund Managers 1/15/24

  • Initial vault bets settled
  • New betting vaults deployed
  • Additional rewards for betting vault participants
  • IRL gamification & community incentives
  • Global marketing & branding (multilingual website, documentation, & communities)

FINAL DEADLINE: Gensler's Lament 3/15/24

  • Betting pools for final SEC decision deployed & settled
  • Bonus rewards for prediction market participants
  • Spot ETF approval by SEC
  • 100% decentralized LP
  • Contract set to 0% tax & renounced
  • CEX listings