ETF The Token

The $ETF Betting Vaults

allowing users to wager their crypto on real world outcomes
As the SEC is faced with multiple decisions regarding spot BTC ETF applications, many have been speculating on the probabilities of various outcomes. The $ETF Betting Vaults allow users to participate in the gamification of these real-world decisions and their outcomes by betting on them at
After connecting your wallet to the site, you will see all the relevant information for the available bets. To bet, simply choose your desired outcome, enter the amount of tokens you'd like to wager, and click "bet." This will prompt an "approve" function in Metamask - confirm this transaction and once again click the "bet" button and your tokens will be transferred to the betting vault contract.
Sample Interface for the inaugural 2 betting pools
After the markets for a bet have been closed and an outcome is selected, those who selected the correct outcome may claim their winnings by clicking the button at the bottom. In addition to receiving their share of the total pool, winners also receive a proportional share of "bonus" winnings in the form of ETH/ETF LP tokens accrued by the contract. In the rare event of a draw or reverted bet, the pool info will display "Bet Canceled" as its outcome and everyone who participated in that pool will be able to withdraw their original amount wagered. For now, users may only bet once per pool from the same wallet. New markets will be released regularly with varying time frames. Be sure to check the site and official social channels to stay up to date on the latest results and all available bets!